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Welcome onto U-Sphere! U-Sphere is a wiki that deals with Environment, Systems (ecosystemology!), Future and Unknown. This site has 4,946 articles. Below, the level of speculation is shown for each item. Manipulating hypotheses, some of the ideas turn out to be more or less distant from our reality. Thinking "It's possible" and not "I believe / I affirm" is my bias. And if certain possibilities exist, they must be considered accordingly to their probabilities of existence.

Latest articles published

Date Description Specul.
2022.11 Methodology of Investigation of Unexplained Phenomena. To get out of the epistemological quarrels linked to Unexplained Phenomena, presentation of a method of objectification of information which makes it possible to measure the reliability of the explanatory hypotheses envisaged, to evaluate the degree of unknown of a phenomenon and to quantify it. Notions of Quantity of Information, Reliability, Strangeness and Consistency. #UAP Investigation 0/5
2022.10 Research Strategy on Unexplained Aerospace Phenomena: presentation of the research strategy carried out on U-Sphere during the Vertical Project conference on 10/16/2022 #U-Sphere#UAP Research 2/5
2022.06 Is LaMDA Sentient? What follows is an amazing exchange with an Artificial Intelligence which demonstrates sufficient capacity for empathy and sensitivity to question about the recent progresses made in this domain. And certainly the public is not sufficiently aware of them! 0/5
2021.02 A boat flying in the air? When the scientific press loses its critical spirit. Without filter, the medias a relaying an information about a photo taken in incredible conditions. "Fata Morgana!" They all shout repeatedly. Having the impression of doing well, the critical spirit has however flown away: no one is immune to bias... 0/5
2015.10 On the difficult neutrality of UFO / UAP investigations. What fundamental differences between “believing” and “skeptical” approaches and the difficulties inherent in each of them? 1/5
2015.10 Can we really prove the exogenous origin of certain UFO (s)? In the form of a provocative question, I address the context of the work carried out in recent years and how far we have come since. How can this work help us better understand the phenomenon? With new results highlighting or reinforcing certain avenues of reflection. 2/5
2015.06 Is it fair to naturally prefer the beautiful? Is it moral to rule out certain harmonious forms to the detriment of malfunctioning forms? What about this natural propensity? 0/5
2015.04 Analysis and attempt at 3D reconstruction of 4 photographs taken by André Frégnale, geological engineer, near lake Chauvet (Puy-de - Dome), 18 of July of 1952. This case is one of the famous French cases and for the moment resistant to analysis (article not completed). 0/5
2015.03 Atmospheric reentry of 03/15/2015, at 8:40 pm hundreds of witnesses observed a huge fireball from Belgium, France, Germany and finally the Swiss. 0/5
2015.03 Atmospheric Reentry, November 5, 1990, Thousands of people observe an atmospheric reentry of an exceptional magnitude above France. These people will think it's a massive UFO spacecraft! This is a detailed reconstitution of this event. 1/5
2015.01 List of drones overflights of nuclear sites, very good work from Vinz Moreau . But what types of drones were they? We do not know. Does this mean that there are no doubts? Y. Rousselet (Greenpeace) to add: "These objects that everyone is talking about but that nobody wants to show". 1/5
2014.08 UFOs and the third reich (the road to Agartha): evocation of the escape of the Nazis in 1946 and of a passage under the Antarctic continent for the under -marines. Recent Antarctic subglacial maps do not seem to exclude this. 3/5
2012.01 Experiment on dreams conducted by psychologist Richard Wiseman. A short - instructive - comparison between the dreams of men and women reveals our psyche and the values ​​that drive us. 0/5
2010.12 The Shroud of Turin: would a fake have been made at the beginning of the 20th century? The "ummites" and "crop-circles makers" denounce. 5/5
2010.10 Chronological table of Crop-Circles: synthesis of anthropogenic symbols. Update on the work of Carl Calleman. 2/5
2010.09 Crop circles 2010 - forecasts: attempt to anticipate certain crop circles due to occur this year. 3/5
2010.08 Correlation of UFO observations with the Sun out of 17714 observations is there a correlation with the sun? No clear evidence. However, frequency analysis indicates that the phenomenon appears to behave like a supervised learning system. 1/5

Main articles

To facilitate your reading, if you are new to U-Sphere, the table below lists the other main articles. They generally allowed me to discover a new fact or original or unpublished information.

Date Description Spécul.
2010.08 Is there a correlation of UFO observations with the Sun?: Out of 17714 observations is there a correlation with the sun? No clear evidence. However, frequency analysis indicates that the phenomenon appears to behave like a supervised learning system. 1/5
2010.04 Solar systemic risk and power laws. Question on the nature of solar risk and its link with earthquakes. 1/5
2010.02 Cross eschatology: crossing of information and 'hard core' of prophecies. Emergence of a coherence? (05/07/09) 4/5
2009.08 Comets and Planet X defects in the distribution density of comets from remote regions of the solar system 2/5
2009.06 Methodology for calculating past dates associated with Crops Circles: a model accurate to within 10 ^ -3 year? 1/5
2008.18 Etchilhampton Hill, Wiltshire, Crop circle in the shape of a cross: an anticipated new type of crop circles. 0/5
2008.13 Futurama an essay to describe the future world: towards a world of lights or a world of darkness? 3/5
2008.06 Abrupt change in climate at the end of the last ice age, Holocene and Crops-Circles. 2/5
2007.24 Crop circles: impossible scenarios: the José Argüelles hypothesis 2/5
2007.08 The Crop Circles makers tell us the film of the protohistory of man 1/5
2007.10 The surprising example of Chilbolton: The bottom line? [1] 2/5
2007.06 Nazca: a network listening to "mountain anger"? [8/27 Update] Additional note on pulsars added. 3/5

More complete list of articles classified by chronology.

Speculative level

0: None / Data / Information / News
1: Consensus, moot points
2: No clear consensus
3: Open
4: Improbable, manipulation of open ideas and reflections, possibly leading to new hypotheses
5: Highly speculative even romantic :)

remark: Following a crash of the hard drive of the server that hosted this site, U-Sphere was unavailable for almost a year and a half. Unfortunately, I was unable to recover the raw data from updates made between 2012 and 2019. To date I only have copies of the missing articles in the form of texts and images which will be gradually restored to their original state. The older articles (currently present) correspond to a low level backup that I had made a long time ago...

We all receive in the cradle the beliefs of our tribe in tattoo.
The mark may seem superficial, but it is deep.
To cling to it is to remain a prisoner of ignorance, a night for the mind, with no moon nor stars.
What posture in the face of a disruptive knowledge?