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Our environment and the Unexplained Phenomena (UAP)

The "UFO" phenomenon is a revealer.
It confronts the Man to the Unknown and to its own conceptual limits.
It questions mankind and leads men to integrate new knowledge and to open their mental framework to concepts which goes beyond their local environment.

U-Sphere is interested in the consequences of these information intrusions into Earth's physical, mental and cultural space. In particular, how the Unexplained Aerospace Phenomena (UAP) will influence human beliefs and collide with its informational spheres. The cement of this reflection is based on putting these phenomena and their appearances into environmental context.

For the searchers, this is a tough subject as the UFO (by extension the Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena – UAP) belong to a field that has not yet found its place within the scientific community: a subject that is transdisciplinary and suffering of having no formal domain of study in the world of Science. We are seeing very slow progress, a change that has been taking place in mentalities since the end of the Second World War but which has yet to come to fruition.

In particular, this requires respect for witnesses and their experiences, whatever they may have been. The approach of this site is to help (modestly) to make a change, to show that there are ways to study this phenomenon, but also for this it is necessary to create common tools and provide means. So that, finally, this subject can be rid of its "exoticism" and be integrated into the framework of a more traditional research.

Date Description Specul.
2022.11 Methodology of Investigation of Unexplained Phenomena. To get out of the epistemological quarrels linked to Unexplained Phenomena, presentation of a method of objectification of information which makes it possible to measure the reliability of the explanatory hypotheses envisaged, to evaluate the degree of unknown of a phenomenon and to quantify it. Notions of Quantity of Information, Reliability, Strangeness and Consistency. #UAP Investigation 0/5
2022.10 Research Strategy on Unexplained Aerospace Phenomena: presentation of the research strategy carried out on U-Sphere during the Vertical Project Colloquium on 10/16/2022 #U-Sphere#UAP Research 2/5
2015.10 On the difficult neutrality of investigations into UFOs/PAN. What fundamental differences between "believer" and "skeptical" approaches and the difficulties inherent in each of them.#UAP Investigation#Psychology 1/5
2015.10 Can we really prove the exogenous origin of certain UFO (s)? In the form of a provocative question, I address the context of the work carried out in recent years and how far we've come since. How can this work help us to better understand the phenomenon? With new results highlighting or reinforcing certain lines of thought.#U-Sphere#UAP Research 2/5
2015.04 Analysis and attempted 3D reconstruction of 4 photos taken by André Frégnale, geological engineer, near Lake Chauvet (Puy-de -Dome), 18 of July of 1952. This case is one of the famous French cases and resistant for the moment to analysis (article not finished). Link to a short 3D analysis program [1] developed for this study. #UAP Case 0/5
2015.03 Atmospheric re-entry of 03/15/2015, at 8:40 p.m. hundreds of witnesses observed a huge ball of fire from Belgium, France, Germany and finally Swiss. #UAP Case 0/5
2015.03 November 5, 1990, thousands of people observed an atmospheric reentry of exceptional magnitude. I take stock of the restoration work. #UAP Case 1/5
2015.01 List of overflights of nuclear sites by drones, very good work by Vinz Moreau . But what kind of drones were they? We do not know. Does that mean there are no doubts? Y. Rousselet (Greenpeace) adds: "These objects that everyone talks about but no one wants to show". #UAP Case 1/5
2014.08 UFOs and the third reich (the road to Agartha): evocation of the flight of the Nazis in 1946 and of a passage under the Antarctic continent for the pennies -sailors. Recent Antarctic subglacial maps seem not to rule it out.#UAP Story 3/5
2008.12 Study of UFOs in the "belief" then "pseudo-science" category on Wikipedia: the difficulty of remaining rational in the face of the unknown. An old debate. #Psychology 1/5
2008.05 California drones: analysis tests of a case: Capitola. #UAP Case 0/5
2007.13 Circuit for collecting information on PANs in France. 0/5

U-Sphere: a special outlook on the environment

When we wants to understood unknown events occurring on Earth, our Environment is a fundamental reading key. We should not consider the environment as a simple-passive-background element: since the dawn of time, the environment shapes visions that man builds about the "World", the "Universe" and its "Meta-Physical" spaces. Literally, it generates its Gods.
Therefore, the environment is an active co-participant to the construction of the languages, cultures and civilizations emerging around Planet Earth.

These subjective "looks" induced by the observation of the world built over hundreds or even thousands of years that are all but neutral. Indeed, when environmental balances (ecosystems) are affected, when physical or mental boundaries evolve, this induces mental upheavals that are difficult for thinking beings to deal with. How to accept and manage such changes leading to the loss of our old landmarks? Should we cling desperately to the past or rush towards the future by abandoning those who are no longer able to evolve?

Fig. 1 – Ecosystemology. Mains environmental risks for the Humanity at the scale of the planet - Asteroids & Comets must also be added on this schema!

Each environmental "sphere" modulates human activity and is a source of specific risks likely to destabilize ecosystems, eventually leading to the disappearance of man on Earth. Hence the name of this site "U-Sphere", a field that I called "ecosystemic", taking into account this component relating to ecology. My objective was to catalog the major environmental systemic risks and to measure if they could correlate with the presence of unexplained phenomena:

Date Description Specul.
2010.08 Correlation of UFO observations with the Sun: out of 17714 observations is there a correlation with the sun? No clear evidence. However, frequency analysis indicates that the phenomenon seems to behave like a supervised learning system. #heliosphere 1/5
2010.12 Modelling Sun Cycles #Heliosphere 0/5
2010.02 Solar Systemic Risk, Earthquakes, and Power Law #heliosphere #Litosphere 0/5
2010.01 Effects of a cataclysmic solar explosion #Heliosphere 2/5
2009.12 Solar activity and gravitational influences #Heliosphere 0/5
2008.04 [[Belgian_wave:_corr%C3%Environmental_A9lation_with_les_bassins_hydrologiques_du_nord_%3F|Belgian wave: environmental correlation with northern hydrological basins?]] #Hydrosphere 2/5
2007.06 The complex systems under exotic surveillance?#systemic risks #earth system science #U-sphere 1/5
2006.03 The biosphere: a set of ecosystems organized at the limit of the domain of stability. A system to be brought under control? #systemic risks #Earth SystemScience #U-sphere 1/5
2006.01 Inventory of environmental risk factors, concept of biological stress. An approach as exhaustive as possible #Systemic risks#U-sphere 0/5

The Odyssey of Intelligent Civilizations: A Theory of Contact

Finally, in the event that extraterrestrial civilizations travel to us, we also try to understand what might interest them. How and why would they be organized? How to achieve contact between intelligent but very different species: questions of exo-anthropology or ethnomethodology which are far from being simple to resolve. They contribute to building the image of a future that is certainly very different from that observed in science fiction films.

Date Description Specul.
2009.01 Why aren't they already there? Review of an article published in the magazine "Pour la science". #Psychology 1/5
2008.22 Impossible scenarios: Fiction and speculation to explain the behavior of UAPs #Foresight 5/5
2008.21 Towards a universal language: in search of the perfect language 2/5
2008.08 Futurama: Towards a World of Enlightenment Speculations on the future of civilizations and the future of man. This article illuminates a philosophy that may underlie contact with other civilizations, the risks involved.#Foresight 3/5
2008.01 Puppeteers and information "war". 3/5
2007.14 The Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis (HET) and our prejudices. Can we be comfortable with the idea of Extraterrestrials? #Psychology 0/5
2005.01 Integration of realities and "exogenous contact"? : develop a "Theory of contact" 2/5

Data analysis and general philosophy

As we are dealing with complex models (Earth Systems Science) U-Sphere is made of multiple sub-projects, to precisely qualify and objective information at each level. Because when dealing with unknown, we are quick to focus on our "beliefs" whatever they are. These treatments are pipe-lined as the following: