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Temoin et source: Nancy Kowall [Affaire Ummo]


Earth.gif Position de début

Latitude: 34.126869 Longitude: -118.066978
Pays: US Région/Etat: CA Lieu/Ville: Pasadena Département:

DateTime.gif Heure et Date de début

Date d'observation: 1978 Heure: N.C. Info date: mois et jour inconnus

Temoignage.gif Compte rendu de(s) l'observation(s)

From: Nancy Kowall
To: Christian Macé, Christopher Kowall
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 6:39 AM

Subject: )+(

Hi, Christian,

I am smiling as I write this. You have helped me verify an incident in my life which has become a personal Stargate. I have been searching for years, looking for other eye witness reports of any craft marked with an )+( insignia. Today, your article appeared on Coast2CoastAM's website.The following is an email I sent to the Ummite site some years ago:

For years I have been trying to track down a craft's symbol my 4 yr.old and I saw around 1978 in Pasadena, CA- a strange "Flash Gordon" type of ship with a very obvious "H" on its side (although slightly cursive)- the ship looked almost cartoonish and flatly 2_dimensional, seemingly suspended over the San Gabriels, heading West. Although there were several people in the area and apparently interested in what we were looking at, no one else saw it. We casually talked about 'our sighting' over the years as it was such a clear, vivid vision and it had been my son who was the first to notice it. We even drew pictures that same afternoon and, over the years, made a few sketches to maintain a fresh visual recall. (included) Interestingly, his pictures always showed a very odd perspective, as though he was viewing it in extreme close-up whereas my view was more of a typical upper sky sighting as seen from standing on the ground.

One night about 10 yrs. later, I heard him gasp as CNN aired a Moscow UFO story . Apparently a ship had landed near an apartment complex where many children were playing and many of them excitedly described seeing a UFO. One of the kids had even sketched a picture and as he proudly held it up to the camera, we saw that he had drawn a similar ship with the SAME ** )+( ** !

About a year later, TNT was running a 50's UFO quasi-documentary (OVERLORDS of the SKIES) and I was stunned to see a crude representation of an analogous craft again demonstrating the "H". The narrator mentioned that the ship was said to be from the planet UMMO (!!!).

I made a halfhearted effort to track down the video but discovered it was actually a motion film of which no one seemed to have current knowledge. I later learned of a book with UMMO in the title and was able to obtain a copy from the library but the contents held no 'Ahas'. Anytime I have asked researchers about the sighting I have been told the "Ummite Affair" was actually a famous hoax, yet allegedly seen by about 15,000 people across the US sometime in the 50's; some say it was the 70's. Have you any knowledge about this particular sighting or symbol?

Obviously, it was the USSR Voronej sighting we caught on CNN on September 27, 1989. Your article link was our very first verification. The colors were quite distinctive as the craft sat dead still in the air above us that afternoon in 1978, and the ship's details were more more ornate (which I have never discussed publicly).

As we discussed the sightings over the years, we began to realize that there were other unusual 'abduction type" incidents in our lives, seemingly focused upon my son. Now, for the zinger very recently, I have felt a growing sense that my son and I are going to experience 'communication'. At any rate, the journey is still unfolding….

I am not sure if you are interested in any of this but will be happy to respond to any questions you might have.


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source: http://ovnismace.unblog.fr/2007/04/17/les-ecritures-et-symboles-aliens/