Planet X from youtube and metacafe videos: a point of view

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Well, I would like to give a short point of view on the recents videos that appears on Youtube and Meta-Cafe.

Does "Planet X", rime with "Ho! a X!?"

I seriously doubt given that, the video recently posted on meta-cafe support a new configuration for the supposed solar-system based on the "Planet X" (a brown star). A new configuration compared to the previous one exposed since a few month on

Meta-Cafe version (originally posted by [ hgn53k on 07-Jul-08) Youtube version (originally posted by nibiruShock, end of february 08 / beginning of march 08)

But let's have a look on the facts, and the "bugs" that I found.

First, let's have a look at the orbits on each version

Metacafe's satellites

Trajectories Planet X metacafe.jpg

"Traditionally", in astronomy, if the mass of the central body is much more important than it's satellite, then you can suppose that the orbit of the satellite is elliptic, where the central star is at one of its foci.

And there, these are the encountered bugs:

   Impossible to associate the yellow trajectory to an ellipse whose foci is the alleged brown dwarf (remember that the distance from one of the foci to the center of the ellipse should be c=sqrt(a^2-b^2), with a semimajor axis a and semiminor axis b
   The pink satellite is severely slowed while there is no changes for the red satellite in the same interval of time: bug. (in this case, the comparison between the two satellites appears possible because the eccentricity of their ellipses is quasi-similar). In fact, the satelites accelerations should be also equivalent. Not to mention that a move from the pink satelite to its perihelion should accelerated it and that's not the case here, (compared with the red path as a reference).
   The blue trajectory seems to be inconsistent (is a such trajectory possible ?) 

Youtube's satellites

Returning to the video posted by NibiruShock, we already have a reconstitution of the orbits from "Jacco van der Worp" (

File:Trajectories Planet X youtube.jpg

   Alas, there is absolutely no respect to the distances with the foci in this drawing of the orbits. 
   But more importantly, between the 4 photos we have got an increase of the brightness and size of the central "star". Here what is mesurable (in square pixels) using the four successives images of the videos: 

File:Square pixels.jpg

The apparent size of the central body is doubling! This suggest that the alleged brown star is getting closer to us. But, in fact, this is a cause of another bug: in the same time, *on all the photos*, the distance with the satellites does not change a iota (that's make the photos superposables and that's how the trajectories have been drawn). In other terms the size of the central star increase, but the size of the orbits doesn't. (notice that, this increase in terms of size do not appears on the video posted on metacafe).

Final comparison

Finally, the two videos and satellites trajectories are highly dissimilar and both of the videos show inconsistencies in the orbits. So what ? Either one of the videos is a hoax (because they are not similar), either both (if these bugs aren't explained).

A final point : on metacafe video it is said that the SPT has taken infrared photos: that's not possible. The SPT is a sub-millimetric telescope ! And that's not really the same thing...