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U-sphere discuss of the relations between the man and his environment. Acceptance of the unknown and integration of new knowledges: how the man can modify his beliefs for better communication and integration in its informational spheres?
The UFO belong to a field which did not met with the scientific community yet. Is this subject is condemned to be baned of any sciencific investigation? Or as minima, viewed as a psychosocial phenomenon? Only the future will be able to tell.
Various subjects related to: artificial Intelligence, Extraterrestrial life, and other illustrated “borderline cases”.

This place, a wiki, is free to be be changed at your will: it is yours !

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Last articles

  • 6/7 Political Ideas: a project in building site for the social evaluation of the ideas, started but far from being succeeded: help welcome:)
    • The principle, in a few words, would consist in crossing a wiki, a forum and a tool of vote, in order to make go up synthetic data on the ideas which animate the political life. Each idea suggested would be evaluated in terms of financial costs, (by colors sets of themes, such charts to be played), as well as criteria of consultation and convergence of the ideas. The ideas would be followed as out of purse, those being côtées and their historized “value” (signal 10 following various criteria). A scientific file should accompany each one of these ideas and to also make it possible to build an analytical point of view, stripped of any passion.
  • 5/31 What about the Z-Machine today ?
  • 5/17 individual Contact: which would be the profile of a person chosen to be placed in contact with an “exotic” reality?
    • ummoristic game: how would YOU manage if you would like to be contacted? Within the framework of the Ummo case, is it possible to profile what what makes a good “recipient” of letters? Which are the motivations on the exchanges asserted by their authors?
    • see also “Theory of contact”
  • 5/02 Nazca: a network to listen the “angers of the mountain”?
  • 4/28 speculative game: coherence between the “ummite” scenario of technological development and the human one.
    • 07/05 technological point: “ummite” plasma engine
    • 10/05 synchronization between the calendars: with or without “black night” ?
  • 4/15 The Ummo/SBF case: synthesis and questions. Contact management. Beliefs. Tetravalent logic.
  • 4/16 Presentation of the Meta-Connections project. Knowledge management, IA
    • Ludic illustration of emergence via a Java applet.
  • 4/16 Set of contexts and modified state of consciousnesses

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