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The Fraud of Turin (1988 letter)

We know with certainty that this simple format is sufficient for the message content is automatically impaired. No doubt you’ll think that the signatories of this letter are mentally unbalanced or maybe some pranksters or they are hiding behind this strange identity to occur some trouble. To do this we beg you to forget this unpleasant preamble and identify ourselves as citizens of a country who fervently wish to contact you and give you this very serious information. We know as a matter of principle that, when signatories are complete strangers, without more guarantees than an anonymous letter and without more evidence than the identity of an alleged cover-up unacceptable for sensible minds like yours, that a letter must be considered with great caution. For this we invite you to first read through and judge accordingly. No doubt you ask yourself the reasons that pushed us to write this matrix of data. In fact, we are saddened by the major fraud on the shroud, because it touches a singular man that you identify as Jossuah (JESUS as we call it in the rest of the data matrix). A rarity in your biological taxonomic classification that we identified as the sole representative of a different species, of course, distinct from Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Around his image, he has promoted a massive social movement called Christianity under various names, it is an indisputable reality that we all try to respect even though we do not share your beliefs. However, we believe that the faith shown by so many millions humans is enough to express the importance we concede to this sociological event. Apart from the biological importance that we concede to the emergence of this being during the evolution of species. Indeed, data from men genotypes differ in kind from that of this being and this change is not the result of divine intervention, as you believe, among other reasons because the essence of “God” is radically different from that imagined by theologians of the Earth. The emergence of this being was governed by the laws of chance though its inherent rarity has made it more valuable to researchers and a case study for those who have a keen interest in these problems. This pregnancy has occurred on the most advanced cold stars that we visited. And in all we have seen, with a real curiosity in a superstitious and waiting with scientific rigor, that the scientific level of these civilizations was very high (but there are cases where a such being not appear despite an advanced level of technological development) Yet the new phenotype contains very subtle characteristics that we have discovered, greatly increasing its capacity of consciousness and therefore its level of free will, reaching the limit permitted by the evolution of species. Although in other mails delivered to contacts in Canada, France, Spain, Australia and the Soviet Union, we have clarified this issue, we prefer to specify that’s why around this image has been developed a sociological movement that cannot be compared to any other religious event. This is a necessary preamble before the theme that we treat: a severe denunciation. In absolute terms, understand that our sadness was induced by religious motives, which, though highly respectable, have nothing in common with the ethical reason for our outrage. The seriousness of the matter is better understood if you consider that this false delays of several years the historical solution to a big problem and diminishes the possibility of shedding light on a cosmological puzzle. Let's do a little historical background of the deception that we are commenting. Indeed, these prolegomena you used to understand the attitude adopted towards the Sindon, illuminating the way the genesis of the fraud. Let’s accurately recapitulate the vicissitudes that this tissue has undergone until 1929, when the substitution occurs. The seriousness of this act is clear if one takes into account that the Sindon is an invaluable document which proves the existence of Jesus. No other piece (witness) of this event could be found, and other relics preserved are the product of fraud or misinterpretation of facts. The oldest one preserved dated from second century, and many are dated to the eight to the fourteenth century. The cloth wrapping the body of Jesus was impregnated products, including aloe to relieve his injuries, which are irrefutable proof of the impression post. The painting was kept secret by one of his disciples, a farm worker named Semah or Semahel who witnessed with others in the event of the disappearance of the body (time characterized by a level of consciousness caused by a frame or dysthymic emotional injures limbic system and causes the disappearance of the body of a ommiwoa in another universe). It is understandable that something as wonderful as that, results in the fervor of people inclined to give a wonderful and magical significance to things that they do not understand. The Sindon was retained initially by Esteban, and after his assassination, passed into unknown hands, to reappear again in those of Proclus in the third century until the capture by the Persians in the city of Edesa. At the end, the Templars fled, his secret was revealed with great discretion to the King Baudoin II and remained hidden until it was disclosed (on the fourteenth century). Surprising your credulity, when following the completion of the fraud that we will comment, the tabloids took out the naive report of Pierre d'Arcis of 1389 stating that “Sindon was a fake” made by a painting that features said to be observed on the footprint of the canvas. The good faith of the Bishop of Troyes does not refute the authenticity recognized both by pilgrims than by the simple modern techniques on earth. Amazing nowadays to see the foolishness of journalists who express arguments as absurd without documenting at least a little. Assessments that would be understandable in the fourteenth century with rudimentary expertise but absurd in 1988. In 1898 Secondo Pia accomplished the very difficult task -at this time- to photography the Sindon using electric light. The owner was the future king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III. Secondo Pia made a great discovery by making negatives of 50 x 60 cm on orthochromatic plates. During the development in the laboratory, the plates will reveal a normal picture of a beautiful expression. Its discovery was impressive and quickly reached the ears of the new Vatican hierarchy. The members of the Curia were surprised. At this time the Shroud of Turin was considered as a false and therefore worthless, so they demanded exhaustive information. It was precisely the biologist Paul Vignon who discovered the mysterious effect on the tissues. The ammonia vapors react with aloetine (do not forget that Jesus was brushed with aloes as a healing ointment), generating a production of a yellow color and with a certain degree of viscosity which stains the tissues. It was Dr. Vignon who warned the few officials when occur the grand discovery! The blood of the "corpse" was "fresh"! On several occasions there were similar expertise, Yves Delage and other biologists took turns to confirm his thesis. How is it possible that it has not taken into account? Similarly Barbet was surprised. The coagulated blood does not leave lasting marks and specialists know that. Also, do not appears on the body the tire marks corresponding to a dead corpse, something which has been "forgotten". Then starts an operation to "eliminate" the evidence with the secret plan "to discover the fraud" if the case would be made public. It is a very serious decision. The presence of blood INVALIDATE THE PREMISES ON WHICH CATHOLICISM IS BASED (non-coagulated blood). It is necessary to emphasize: the hypothesis of Dr. Vignon (Doctor of Natural Sciences) is correct (vaporography) together with that of Dr. Rene Colson (Physician, Member of the Academy of Sciences in Paris). That's what all the experts attest since 1532, when Cardinal Louis Gorrevad thoroughly examined the Sindon and reached to the same conclusion. These are probably the discoverers of the proof of authenticity of the Josuha’s impression and it is necessary to recognize this point with admiration, before the Sindon was changed during this awful sham. Some cardinals were aware. They were less than fourteen to be informed. But it was not known at this time that in a near future we would be able to date the canvas with as much precision, and it’s why the only stain removal has concerned liquid blood. In addition they wanted to add the marks that would have left a missing tire, by falsifying the impression, already we see that the result was a different result. They used a canvas of the seventeenth-century proceeding to the forgery by making an impression through a wood carefully carved and treated with aromatic substances. Then they added strips and bandages with a strip of cloth of about 14cm. The final painting is photographed on plates similar to those obtained by Pia. The result was profoundly rude compared to the genuine sindon. The superimposed images hardly coincide and the shades of color are not possible without the addition of products that an expertise would be able to uncover. Unfortunately, appearance of tire tracks reveals the deception. We were not on earth at that time and here we see serious gaps in the narrative of living facts. We do not even know the exact date of the events that took place from 1911 to 1916; It seems that there is a new attempt in june 1918. Shortly before the Cardinal Gotti, Prefect of the work of the Program of Faith, and Bishop Gibbons, the future cardinal of Baltimore (U.S. America), agreed in 1911 to hide from Pius X and its successor (Benedict XV) the scandal that involved the swapping. The scandal which emerges from the discovery of blood flow that highlights the holy cloth is incomprehensible. At this time it was taken for certain that this evidence belied the death by crucifixion. Yet, yourselves you have verified that, in precise circumstances (wound of the great vessels that subsequent to the death), flow of blood post mortem was possible. Anyway, it was difficult to explain the flow of other injuries by hypostasis. (The wounded man was lying on a bed tilted about 28 degrees). The current state of being false Sindon not explainable by fibrinolysis, we understand that we had to resort to an artifice to circumvent a fact that was incomprehensible. For the second attempt they used a similar tissue originated from the mid-nineteenth century. They also used a wooden sculpture showing a much more accurate projection of the primitive Sindon. Beforehand they sensitize the canvas with silver bromide that has gone by subsequent washes. Printing has been obtained by careful impregnation and vaporization reproducing the figure obtained on the photographic print of Secondo Pia and comparing the contrast of the original tissue. Skillfully they remade the burns marks of the two center lines and an exact reproduction of the seams. The different tone curves required a careful treatment and they abolished permanently the marks of bandages which are not present on the original and thus are suspect. Once the fake done, it was submitted to a reduced commission who decided to reject it, and despite the level of perfection achieved. A chemical shift occurred in the short space of time which made manifest the fraud. For the two following tests (the first from 1920 to 1922 and the second in 1926), we know that they changed the method by using an overheated metallic mould. Unfortunately the two shrouds were destroyed. Because the heat came down, the comparison with former Sindon not resist. It was possible to conduct again the procedure for making the false. Finally, the final apocryphal is completed in November 1927; let’s see the facts. It was the time of Mussolini and relations with the dictator were a little tricky. In 1924 it was found two types of tissue obtained from Jaffa (Palestine) and Nantes (France). The first two parts of 4.6 and 5.0 meters were respectively dated to the sixteenth century although in reality we know that the cloth was much older, in 1220, as a form of type IV twill with a pattern named by you “Fishbone”, a highly irregular caliber of 10.2 for the frame and 3.3 warps (the caliber is given in Na of Great Britain). Values are significantly different from those that constitute the authentic Sindon (now hidden) whose values are: 8.3 frame and 4.2 warps, in both cases the direction of twist is the same. Serge obtained in France was refused because the dimensions of the piece were not valid, 3.7 x 2.1 meters were not enough for the project. Definitive operation of the fraud. The treatment of the canvas, as we known today, began in Novara (Italy) in March 1927. It uses an iron statue carefully screened and recessed (with holes) in the form of shell. Inside are arranged a series of resistors each controlled by a rheostat located on a large marble panel (outside) with many other cranks (Translator's note: supposedly to bring closer or farther the resistances from the surface of the shroud surrounding the human iron form and reproduce the differences of burning ?). The life-size statue was placed supine with a circuit artificially cooled by internal circulation of cold water. The canvas is covered with another sheet of silk sensitized with gelatin and silver iodide which have been already revealed by the original of Secondo Pia, and covers the shroud with the image. The temperature of the latter ranged from an average of 248° C to a maximum of 410° C. They got the fingerprint of a tissue that was heated during several months by the mean of a wafer with electrical resistance. Under direction of Giovanni Coccioli, they took great care that no blood stains impregnate the tissue. It was not possible to obtain a diluted carmine color change as does the liquid blood. They took care to draw two coins on the eyes (which do not appear on the authentic Sindon), replacing the bandages. The restoration process to improve the image lasted some time as we have said. The final touch used a technique of soft rubbing and the wash of a part of the cloth using diluted sweat. And also wash other areas with solutions of various concentration of sulfuric acid in water. This multiplicity of techniques has confused the current specialists, technicians desperately set to establish a single way to explain the process of obtaining the impression. We are glad to congratulate the few men, not very well known, who guessed it: Dr. Casselli, Geofferey Ashe, Rev. P. Busnelli, Dr. Rogers and especially Dr. Vittorio Delfino Pesce who, above all in 1987, reported that the holy cloth had been forged by a low relief of metal heated to 230° C. The high temperature of the Chambery fire has created a stain brown and sepia coloration which can be explained by the high temperature producing a distillation of the cellulose flax which aired in the affected area. Falsification of marks produced by the fire was made with great skill. Were available similar paintings to those used by the Clare nuns during the unfortunate event. This falsification was possible due to the rudimentary technique of reproduction used by Secondo Pia. It was impossible for a layman to see the difference. In November 1927 the Cardinal Gasparri and another one (unidentified) gave us their approval to the canvas. The secret commission decides to inform Pope Pius XI, but it fails to consider that the Pope will accept to exchange the fraudulous Sindon. Finally, in early 1929, the exchange of the Sindon is secretly done, behind the back of the Savoy, owner of the relic. The original is kept in the residence of the Cardinal of Turin and its false version locked up on the Bertola altar. In the year 1931 the test of Giuseppe Enri is expected with concerns but no difference was detected. The deception was successful. The persons in charge couldn’t suspect that the analysis of the Sindon would have been so clear. Pierre Barbet couldn’t imagine that it would be such a success. It is assumed that the fingerprint will be considered as a byproduct of the spray and the stain of blood as a sign of blood clotting. Then STURP (Shroud of Turin Research Project) launches the study with enthusiasm. Scientists are beginning the study, ignorant of what has been wrought on their backs. And so, Dr. Max Frei reveal in 1973, by palynology, the presence of pollen in Sindon samples. It is confirmed that it was impossible to reproduce during the Middle Ages the true image of the Passion with anatomical & physiological knowledge near zero at this time. Yet there are serious doubts: Langton Fox believes that it is impossible to separate a blood clot from a piece of cloth without damaging the impression left by the liquid blood. Moreover, Dr. Walter Mac Crone (1980) warns about the discovery of iron (oxide) in micro-fibrils of the face. All of this trouble honest investigators whom do not suspect the maneuver. The examination of Sindon by the NASA is conclusive. The fingerprint is scanned in three dimensions in each point; in other terms, each point of the image is represented by two coordinates representing the position (x, y) and z represents the tone or color of such so that the whole image materializes. The review of the VP-8 ultimately determines the three-dimensionality of the image showing that the figure has not been painted and is the result of traces of an unknown "radiation". The error remains floating in the atmosphere: if the signs are not organic or a product of the corrosion, as could be sulfuric acid, or an effect of a friction, since we do not discover the residues of material between the thin fabric fibers, what may be the nature of the image left by the body? Suppose were are not like you and are not ignorant of the fraud so masterfully performed. Suppose they come to the conclusion that the imprint left on the Sindon is not due to natural causes and, at the same time, they refute the idea that it is produced by the presence of an overheated body such as a semi-incandescent metallic statue. But, they are certain that the Holy sheet date before 1453. Could it be possible that, at this epoch the figure of Jossuah (Jesus) would have been forged with a hot statue, which could explain the mystery? But the effigy was accompanied by an incredible level of knowledge on medical pathology, inconsistent for this epoch. On the other hand, the radiocarbon (14C) corroborates the suspicion. Suppose that there is no dating or an equivocal date, we can only assume that a radiant body has left its mark on the Sindon reproducing a photograph of an identical footprint. You would discover the fraud by yourselves without resorting to our aid. Forget about our origin and assume that we are liars or persons mentally ill claiming to be of alien origin or a group of pranksters... 1. Tests conducted in Zurich, Oxford, and Arizona using AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry) gave a definitive result by Carbon-14 dating. We cannot argue, following ill-informed correspondents, that foreign bodies like carbon have changed the result. The fragments were carefully washed before determination and thoroughness with which the review was conducted does not doubt. Nor, we cannot speculate on imaginary radiations that would have disrupted the sample. If this were the case, radiocarbon tend to increase its value and the result would date the linen before Christ. Why deny the value of scientific advice of carbon 14 and accept the conclusions that suit you? 2. If the determinations of 1988 are certain, the conclusion is that someone from the fifteen century has falsified the impression. 3. And if that "someone from the medieval" had the prodigious knowledge of forensic for: - Get a perfect photographic negative when the technical picture was unknown - Get a correct three-dimensional image before the analysis of the twentieth century by NASA - Know how in reality was the crown of thorns; - Know the exact point of the crucifixion in a space named by yourselves “Desdot” while at this epoch painters represented the nailing in the palm of the tortured; - Know the exact brands of torture; - How have dared to paint a naked Jesus at a time when modesty forbade such representation; - How to forge with equal precision and scholarly knowledge of the twentieth century, a semi-incandescent image!. Ask and examine thoroughly the case and you will come to understand, although you despise us as anonymous whistleblower. The end is very bitter and is concluded in October 1988. Cardinal Edward Cassidy dared to inform for the first time a Pope who was in this case John Paul II, which came into anger and then depression. He immediately called a very small nucleus of cardinals who learned about the fraud. Cardinal Tomko was in favor of telling the truth as it is not possible to change the Sindon. Jean Paul timidly supported its position while the Cardinal Ratzinguer was firmly opposed, alleging the very serious scandal which would occur. In addition, still remains the reasons that caused the fraud: the discovery that there was no death on the cross. The reason was extremely serious and the decision to lock the scandal was needed, his disclosure would trigger it immediately, contrary to what is happening in similar circumstances. This was the cardinal Ballestrero who was in charge of delivering a tissue sample to the laboratories. CAUTION During the events that led to change the Shroud, we were not yet on earth. A patient task of rebuilding events led us to assemble these parts into an enough consistent structure. Fortunately we were able to obtain many details of the fraud. Many witnesses have died without evidence of the crucial facts of the hoax. They forgive us for mandatory omissions. These witnesses who transcribed the facts have been preliminarily identified. We arrived when Pius XII was pope and until 1964 (his successor was Paul VI). At this time, we did not have the proof of fraud. We are confident that the appointed pundits were absolutely not involved. We still have some doubts over Pius XII, due to a series of gossips without the slightest probationary conditions. It was only possible to obtain reliable information of John Paul II. The question that requires clarification is the exact date of the imposture. We’ve got it without certainty. A day of april 1929 it was decided to make the exchange of Sindon. It was a decision of the Cardinal Gasparri, accompanied by another partner of the curia, to change the shroud. It is considered that the date of December 1928 as constitutive of the unfortunate event (we don’t know the day). Therefore we consider the date of 1928 as the one the offense was consummated.